MYLO Gourmet -creating better work environments throughout the U.S.

  • Educating employers and their employees, about the importance and benefits of maintaining a healthy diet in the work place.
  • We provide access to an exclusive healthy meal menu that is; chef crafted, all-natural, nutritious and delicious, which is conveniently delivered to your desk!
  • A healthy employee, is a happy employee, which makes for a more productive employee!

MYLO is available by appointment only for a "healthy lifestyle lunch & learn".       We will showcase our line of special meals alongside a notable health practitioner; RD, CDN or Certified Personal Trainer, to talk to your employees about the significance of diet & exercise!

"Employees Earn Cash for Exercising More" Wall Street Journal Article Excerpts 6.2.10

Businesses today believe that they can find a price to encourage their employees to lose a few pounds and increase their wellness of life. "Obese workers cost U.S. private employers an estimated $45 billion or more annually in healthcare costs and lost labor." With these huge loses, it is in everybody's best interest to be fit and healthy. With over two thirds of American adults overweight, employers have a large job ahead of them.

"Employers' health-care costs soar" The Washington Post Article Excerpts 11.22.10

The cost to employers of providing health benefits soared 6.9 percent on average this year, according to a national survey released last week, an increase some experts say was driven by obese patients suffering from chronic conditions.  The survey of 2,800 employers at large and small firms across the country shows that the cost of medical coverage this year experienced its highest annual jump in six years, Local data mirror national trends. The majority of employers said they expect medical expenses on average would rise by 10 percent in 2011A breakdown of the data on Washington area employers shows that health-care costs here reached $10,100 per worker, an average increase of 6.4 percent.

"Companies tout dieting incentives" Associated Press Article Excerpts 12.13.10

Hoping to save on the costs of health care and lost productivity, employers have started offering such incentives for weight loss.  The New Jersey-based Quest Diagnostics, offers incentives for weight loss. The company recently won an award from the National Business Group on Health for its wellness efforts. At Freedom One Financial Corp., employees who meet weight loss goals are earning tropical vacations. "It's actually selfish," Freedom One President and CEO Mark Wayne told The Detroit News for a Tuesday story. "When somebody feels good, they're healthy, they work harder and they're more focused."


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