Learning Center Lessons start @ home...

MYLO Gourmet is a big proponent of teaching kids the importance of eating healthy and staying fit, and it all starts in the home! It is imperative that parents educate their children about eating properly and to lead by example. Learn interesting health tips, fun facts and exciting techniques that are kid friendly!

Healthy Food Facts & Tips

  • Use natural ingredients when preparing and cooking meals for your children.
  • Teach your children the origin of the foods they eat; farm to table.
  • Control what your kids eat, teach moderation of their daily sodium, sugar, and calorie intake.
  • Initiate a wellness committee in your kids school if there isn't one already in place.
  • Use healthy snacks and meals for fundraising. Call MYLO to learn moe about our money raising programs.
  • Feed kids nutrition rich foods. High fruit & veggie consumption
  • Expand your child's palate by providing a new meal option every day. 
  • Excite kids about food by serving meals the color of the rainbow.
  • Teach the value of healthy foods though sensory; aroma, texture, flavor, color.
  • Don't force the issue, be patient with their openness about food and don't be afraid to revisit.
  • Entertain kids with family shopping outings, meal prepping and cooking together.

MYLO Gourmet is a proud volunteer and sponsor of the; WELLNESS IN THE SCHOOLS, NOURISHING KITCHEN & the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School Career Day.
(MYLO Gourmet founder Darren Kotchek with the kids of the NYC NOURISHING KITCHEN)

(Teaching Kids the kids of PS66 the benefits of a proper diet using the food pyramid as a trusty guide)

CLICK HERE to learn more about The Junior Chef Program
CLICK HERE to learn more about the Wellness in the Schools (WITS) program

"Eating to Live? Or Living to Eat?"
As researchers get closer and closer to solving some of the mystery's concerning obesity, Columbia University has been making its own breakthroughs. A recent study shows brain reactions of overweight and normal weight people when they see cake, french fries, and other high calorie foods. Researchers found that overweight subjects had strong reactions to the food in their amygdale regardless of their degree of hunger, compared to normal weight subjects who only had those reactions when they were hungry. Participants only need to hear the word, "chocolate" and areas of the brain involving reward, emotion, attention, memory, and motor planning are activated. These kinds of breakthroughs can lead to new and improved ways to control people's thinking about food, or weight loss drugs that will target certain areas of the brain.
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