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Here are a few thoughts from some of our biggest fans and loyal foodies w/Rules!


Jill Barry: Roslyn, NY
"My entire family loves the MYLO foods, as the mom, I love it the most! The food comes right to your door, you keep it frozen and in a few minutes you microwave it to perfection. The meals are healthy and delicious! Some of our favorites are the pizzas, lasagna, chili and Manicotti!"

Beth Roth: New Jersey
"I had a few of the GHA meals so far and everything was so yummy!"
"I liked the Chocolite bars as well.

Jessica Pollack: NYC
"Loved the blintzes! Can I add another cherry blintz to my order next week? Also, the cauliflower souffle was delicious!" "I Wanted to let you know that I loved the Low-Carb Flagels! The chocolite bars were delicious and the Eggplant Rollatini was scrumptious!"

Stephanie Witowski: Plainview, NY
" I Love the Blueberry Blintz so much, I ordered 2 cases!!"

Joan Kahane: Memphis, TN
"Having struggled with weight and health issues for most of my life, I have finally seen significant results being on MYLO Gourmet's exclusive program, using the GHA meals for the past 13 months- I have now lost 92 pounds!"

Dana Robin Levitt: NYC
"I've tried many different food delivery plans in my lifetime and find myself getting bored with the variety of foods that they have to offer. Then my nutritionist suggested I try MYLO gourmet. After trying their selections of foods, I was hooked. The food is not only delicious, it's healthy and satisfying. Their peanut butter pancakes are tasty and flavorful. I love them and so does my mother. The quality and choice of foods are great with many wonderful options. I haven't been bored once and I am still losing weight"

Professional Affiliates & Colleagues

Sharon Richter: MS, RD, CDN: NYC (Affiliate)
"As a registered dietitian, I encourage clients to cook. This is not always realistic, so it is great to have MYLO Gourmet available as a sensible option to incorporate their meals into a balanced diet. Clients have raved about the convenience, taste, and quality of their meals. Thanks Darren!!!"

Tom Ryan, @Home Healthcare: New York (Affiliate)
"MYLO Meals has been a great asset to @Home Healthcare. The ability to offer my clients such a reliable, inexpensive and healthy meal plan has proven to be invaluable. Their service and quality in impeccable"

Tara Costa: Recent contestant on the NBC TV Show "The Biggest Loser"
"The Butternut Squash Soufflé is my favorite!"

John Basedow: NY Fitness guru
"They take the guess work out of counting calories because they are portion-controlled. The meals are fitness friendly and help you stick to your weight management goals!"

Chef Joe Cimenera: PBS "Taste this TV"
"The reality is we are all so busy today, we don't have the time to prepare a gourmet meal every night, these meals are chef crafted and healthy, delivered to the convenience of your home by MYLO"

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