TSH “Turtle Shell Health” Ana Nieto, Certified Trainer (NYC)  

"The TSH mission is to make the understanding and support of the natural healing approach much more mainstream and easily accessible to all people.

TSH members receive many benefits that support their quest for a healthier lifestyle, including: free trial (no obligation) giveaways, special events, educational materials, easy meal menus, training videos, keynote speakers on current health topics, outdoor adventures, and much more.

Those who are drawn to TSH are primarily people wanting to improve their current state of health and future well-being or to begin an education process for themselves or their loved ones.

Practitioners within the preventive health industry will be drawn to participate in the TSH program as an effective means of educating and attracting new clients towards their own services.

By reducing repeat visits to the doctor and/or by lowering insurance premiums, businesses and hospital clinics may cut costs by using the TSH system as an outsource alternative for their employees and patients."
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