MYLO Gourmet’s Virtual Health Café for foodies w/Rules!
Revenue Share Affiliate Program
  • A participating: Gym, Fitness studio, Yoga studio, Palates studio, Health & Wellness center, Certified Personal Trainer, Holistic Health practitioner & Registered Dietician; would be eligible to recommend and endorse our chef crafted, portion controlled, low-calorie, nutritious & delicious meals to their clients and members.
  • The members would be advised to purchase these meals exclusively @ MYLO; we would then issue a 10% revenue share direct to the participating affiliate entity on all healthy food products that were purchased by their customers. We generally offer a promotional discount on first orders-TBD.
  • We would be able to track all purchases by a custom promo code; i.e. “LTF” for Life Time Fitness and issue a detailed sales report and a check payable to the gym every 30 days. The reports and checks are generated by the 15th of each month for the prior month’s activity.
  • This exclusive program by MYLO was designed so the participating affiliate entities could add value to their members/clients by offering convenient nutrition that is affordable and yields results in conjunction with their fitness and diet meal plan program.
  • The affiliate entity that is involved in this program would not have to commit to any inventory or the necessary freezers to store and display product, as well as process transactions.

MYLO Gourmet is recognized as a nutritional snack & meal resource for all dietary needs, specializing in customized meal plans for foodies w/Rules!

The true benefits to the participating entity:

  1. Adding value to your existing client base by providing; healthy gourmet meals at an affordable price point, in a convenient fashion.
  2. Implementing an additional revenue stream to your existing business; with limited expenditures, as well as zero inventory risk and receivable risk.
  3. If your clients/members are going to spend their money on healthy food, why not try and leverage your relationships and retain some of those dollars off-premise.
  4. Healthy eating as we know establishes healthy living, which intern results in a more productive, happy client/member; helping them reach their optimum goals!

*Please note that all of our meals as well our diet plans have been approved by a recognized CDN & RD

The Modern MYLO Theory
"Eating Healthy is living Wealthy"
What we believe is not a profound thesis; it is just a reminder of how to eat right & live well!

MYLO Philosophy

• The most valuable asset we have in this world is our bodies. How we fuel it will affect the way we think, the way we feel, the way we act and perform day in and day out. It is essential that we nourish it properly from the inside out; so we grow it, protect it, and preserve it.
• We define wealth as having your health, because unless you have it, you can't live the lifestyle you so choose to. Whether it's running a Fortune 500 company, traveling the world, skiing moguls, or simply spending quality time with your family & friends.

MYLO Mission

  • To emphasize the benefits and value of eating healthy every day of our lives.
  • Our goal is to be a world re-known, exclusive resource; of affordable, healthy gourmet meals for foodies w/Rules!
  • We will accomplish this by providing; quality driven, all-natural, superb cuisine that is nutritious and delicious!

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